Ecosa Kids Pillow
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Ecosa Kids Pillow

1x Ecosa Kids Pillow, 1x Memory foam height pads (2cm), 1x Drawstring travel bag



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Comfy Support
For Well-Slept Kids

Made from hypoallergenic materials, the Ecosa Kids Pillow will help your child sleep soundly and wake refreshed. Ergonomic in contoured memory foam, it hugs the neck for cloud-like comfort while delivering optimal spinal support for growing bodies.

Built for Busy Bodies
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Built for Busy Bodies

Removable Cover

Machine-washable, our easy-to-clean hypoallergenic Tencel cover is ideal for allergy sufferers.

Memory Foam

Perfectly contours to the head and neck to cushion pressure points and support the spine.

Adjustable Height Pad

Use the extra 2cm height pad to adjust the height as your child grows.
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It's the Small Things That Count ...

Changes with Your Child’s Needs

The Ecosa Kids Pillow comes with a machine-washable cover for sniffle-free sleep. The removable 2cm pad also allows you to adjust the pillow height for optimal support as your child grows.

A Comforting Travel Buddy

With a handy drawstring travel bag, their pillow is ready for your next family adventure. Whether on a camping holiday or an OS trip, they'll sleep like a baby with a little piece of home.
Dreamy Support in Any Position
With a tall and short side, our Kids Pillow delivers optimal comfort and upper body support – no matter their sleeping position. The ideal side will depend on sleep position, mattress firmness, and physical size. Use the following as a guide – but get your kids to experiment to see what feels best!
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Side Sleeper
For neck and spine support, your child’s pillow should be high enough that their shoulder doesn’t sink.
The tall side of the pillow is often best for this – with the option to add the bonus height pad if needed.
Back Sleeper
For little back sleepers, the correct side of the pillow ensures adequate support in the curve of the neck.
Younger kids or those with slighter builds may prefer the short side of the pillow. Add the height pad if needed.
Freestyle Sleeper
Does your child twist and turn in their sleep, changing from their back to their side to their stomach? Adjust their pillow to suit their most common position.
For most kids who move about overnight, the short side fits best.


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