Guilt-Free Sleep
Without Compromise

Sleep easy knowing your mattress is making a difference.

We’re on a mission to become Australia and Hong Kong’s leading sustainable sleep solutions brand and are proud to announce that Ecosa is Australia’s first certified carbon neutral mattress and sleep solutions company.

  • Flax plant fibers before being spun into linen
Then we asked ourselves;
How else can we change to become a more sustainable business ?
Our Approach


We aim to use natural materials whenever we can, including bamboo lyocell, cotton, flax linen and latex. We’ve even found ways to use recycled materials in our products, such as mattress covers made from recycled plastic bottles collected from the ocean.

These materials have the potential to take carbon emissions from our highest to our lowest.



Truthfully, manufacturing takes energy.

By offering a carefully curated product range, we’re able to maintain a small, tight-knit supply chain. We make sure our partners share the same values and goals as us, meaning we can keep our emissions down.



There’s a lot of plastic pollution in the environment, some with our name on it. That’s not okay with us. We’re changing our packaging to ensure that it’s reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable. The first step is ensuring plastic used in our packaging is made from recycled materials.

Our Goal:
To have 100% sustainable packaging by 2025.


Every product has its own journey, from factory to warehouse, then warehouse to you. Transportation has some of the largest impacts on our emissions. To help reduce these emissions, at least 80% of our orders are delivered from local warehouses.

We’re aiming to get that to 100% by 2025.


How long should a mattress last? Some say as little as five years, but that isn’t okay with us.

We design all our products with forever in mind. Timeless styles and high-quality manufacturing mean you’ll need to replace your items less. This leads to less consumption overall, which is key if we want to see sustainable change in our future. After all, the saying goes, “Reduce first, then reuse and recycle”.

Carbon Offset

We know we pollute the planet. And as we work to drive our emissions to zero, we believe that we should be held accountable for our environmental impact.

As a carbon-neutral company, we’re offsetting the carbon we produce via Green Story by funding projects to support communities and help bring us down to net-zero emissions.

End of Life

Most things that we use eventually end up in landfills. We’re taking steps to reduce this by ensuring our products are biodegradable at the end of their life.

We’re also going to give our customers the opportunity to easily recycle their old mattresses and bed sheets. Watch this space!