Ecosa Topper.
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Ecosa Topper.

Ultra plush gel memory foam for a cloud-like comfort.

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single (91 X 183 x 5cm)
  • single (91 X 183 x 5cm) HK$1,699
  • long single (91 x 190  x 5cm) HK$1,799
  • twin (122 x 183 x 5cm) HK$1,899
  • long twin (122 x 190 x 5cm) HK$1,999
  • double (137 x 183 x 5cm) HK$2,099
  • long double (137 x 190 x 5cm) HK$2,199
  • small queen (152 x 183 x 5cm) HK$2,299
  • queen (152 x 190 x 5cm) HK$2,399
  • long queen (153 x 203 x 5cm) HK$2,499
  • queen xl (168 x 203 x 5cm) HK$2,599
  • king (183 x 203 x 5cm) HK$2,699
  • super king (203 x 203 x 5cm) HK$2,799

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Reduced Partner Disturbance

The Ecosa mattress topper reduces partner disturbance to half. Sleep uninterrupted and wake feeling refreshed.

Cloud Comfort

Transform your mattress to feel ‘just right’, with plush gel memory foam that softens and moulds to your body.

10 Year Warranty

The Ecosa topper comes with a 10 year warranty, so you can sleep easy.

What does a Mattress Topper do?

Too Firm

A memory foam mattress topper can soften a firmer mattress for those who prefer a squishier sleep.

Old Mattress

If your mattress has lost it’s original comfort, a memory foam mattress topper can provide extra support.

The Ecosa Difference

Gel Cooling

The unique 3D gel structure allows for air flow through pincore holes, keeping you cool all night long.

Removable Cover

A premium polyester 380g/m2 double-knitted fabric cover is easy to remove and wash, keeping your mattress topper clean and fresh.

Back Support

Memory foam moulds to your body’s contours, providing premium comfort and weight distribution.


The Ecosa topper is certified with CertiPUR-US and OEKO-Tex Standard 100 - good for you, good for the environment.

Grippy, not slippy

Stay put all night long with elasticated straps and a grippy backing material to hold your topper in place.

What's Inside?

Charcoal-Infused Memory Foam

The unique 3D structure gives the ultimate comfort and breathability. It’s soft – like laying on a cloud! The charcoal infusions keep it resistant from bacteria and odour.

G-7 Gel Memory Foam

This layer gives extra support for your back and reduces partner disturbance by up to 50%. It’s also infused with gel particles to keep you cool through the night.

It’s not magic,
it’s just a mattress topper

If you’re hoping a mattress topper will remedy a sagging mattress that needs replacing, think again. Neglecting to replace your mattress can cause back pain problems and disturbed sleep, affecting your mental focus and energy levels.

Try the Ecosa mattress for 100 days and see the difference. With 3 levels of adjustable firmness, built in air circulation and a waterproof cover, we’re sure you’ll never look back.

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