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More than 2 in 3 customers noticed an improvement in their back problems after sleeping on the Ecosa memory foam mattress.

It’s all down to our 3-layer technology, engineered to give you the back support you need.

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Layers That Love You(r) Back

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Breathable comfort layer engineered to optimise the air circulation system.

Keeps your mattress cool with gel-infused particles.

High-density foam uniquely designed for support and breathability.

Breathable comfort layer engineered to optimise the air circulation system.

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What’s Behind Your Back Pain?

Back pain may be acute or chronic, and develop as a result of injuries, prolonged sitting, poor posture, or even illness. Sleeping on a mattress that’s leaving your spine out of alignment can contribute to long-term back pain.

With the Ecosa mattress, your spine can get back in line, giving you a restful, restorative night’s sleep free from back pain.

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Firmer > Softer

Back pain sufferers often report an improvement in their symptoms when sleeping on a firmer mattress. Offering superior back support and equal weight distribution, firm memory foam mattresses mould to the shape of your natural spinal alignment for premium comfort.

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Did you know?

The Ecosa mattress has a patented ergonomic design to target back support and spine alignment. With three interchangeable layers, you can choose a firmness level to suit your sleep style.

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Shop Ecosa’s ergonomic memory foam pillow for ultimate neck pain relief.

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